Assessment Feedback Reflection

Following my assessment feedback I am going to give myself targets to complete as advised by my tutor, my targets are as follows;

  • Continue my work within the studio, this will help me to improve work as tutors will be on hand if I need advise.
  • My tutor has commented that my painting is too ‘careful’ and I need to be more ambitious, so, I will try to experiment with mixed media & new mediums.
  • I have been told not to depend too much on historical references and to try to use my more contemporary artist research, visiting galleries and using the library more will help me do this.
  • I have also been told to make my work more ‘contemporary’ as pomegranates have quite historical connotations, by using modernized foods such as microwave meals, take outs and fast food I should be able to follow the same idea but by modernizing it.
  • Also, looking back to fractal forms I could combine my pomegranate drawings  with fractal research as another pathway for this project.

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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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