Artist Statement

Throughout my time here as a fine art student I have always linked my artwork to the theme of nature and symbolism, when I started this project I researched scientific studies showing configurations which are apparent around us in Mother Nature’s creations, this began my exploration in finding hidden patterns and art within the forms I had collected. I began by taking fruits, vegetables and foliage and sketching close studies to discover patterning within the skins of the objects chosen I thought similar to fractals, only less complicated and easier to see with the human eye. I was intrigued by the pomegranate fruit, perhaps because of the symbolism of which it contains and the vibrant colour it has. As I started studying the pomegranate I found that I was subconsciously repeating forms of the female anatomy and thought about my new concept of sexuality, I began recreating the pomegranate with hidden connotations, this has led me to depict numerous paintings of pomegranates. I wanted to explore with colour symbolism as well as patterns, so you will find that my paintings often have concealed shape formations and dot work/linear styles.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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