Here are my most recent paintings


This painting is my most successful in my eyes, the green pomegranate symbolises nature, fertility and sexuality. The top of the pomegranate has been changed so a vulva emerges from it, and the sections in the skin of the pomegranate take the same form. The hand in pinks and reds symbolises how we should protect our sexuality and treat it with respect. The hand also implies that the fruit/sexual anatomy is a great gift that we all women should be proud of.


This painting of the pomegranate is from a sketch I did, I kept the blues and reds and purples for the fruit itself with a vibrant green background. It takes on the image of a female breast and has connotations of sexuality.


For this one I wanted to do an abstract image from the forms of the seeds which happen to be the only form of seed which has ‘corners’. This painting could definitely be enhanced by adding some white, I will come back to this one when the assessment is over



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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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