Site/venue project


Here, I used a shoebox to create a miniature gallery which had inside two pen and ink dawrings and two watercolours along with an installation with pinecones. For this project I was trying to incorporate nature and colour together, this idea came about from watching an episode of the mighty boosh which showed ‘techno mouse’s’ hut. I wanted to create a psychedelic feel, i’ve included a clip of the show in my blog as my context.




This photo was taken using a professional camera to make it seem like an actual gallery.

Our next activity was the LOCKER EXHIBITION.

We were allocated a locker, which we then turned into a gallery space of our own. I wanted to follow the same theme of nature and colour. So by using vibrant coloured lillies and other plantage I had collected, I created 3 small sculptures along with two paintings. By wrapping vine leaves around fairy lights I was able to create a good aesthetic feel to my final piece.



IMG_3521 (2)IMG_3537 (2)IMG_3535 (2)

For our final site/venue project was to show some of our selected artworks in The Roath Park Pub, it was really exciting to actually have our work in a space outside of uni. I chose to use my red pomegranate painting because I thought it was the best one to use because of the colour it was and I thought it was a successful painting in terms of feminism and pomegranates.




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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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