Field; PDP – information is beautiful


Choosing this option was a risk for me as I have had no previous knowledge on graphic communication, I was scared that the numbers and data would throw me off and so I decided to help myself during this project by choosing written information to illustrate as my final piece. I am happy with my end result, however I feel like I could have made the text a bit more confined. I realise that I haven’t used solid number data on this project, as the data that I did find was only on wildlife in the Taff trail not the Taff river which was my main theme.

I was able to scan the A1 image into photoshop and place the corresponding text around the river as a metaphorical timeline, I highlighted the dates and time scales so it would be easier for the reader to know the orders in which the data goes in. Using photo shop for this project was fun but I wish that I had more of a tutorial with it, as I had never used it before and feel that with a bit more knowledge I could have made better edits and text design. I was worried about using photo shop on my own, so I organised a one to one session with the tutor of the project. Unfortunately, I was the only person to show up as he forgot and therefore I had to do the digital work on my own which resulted in a poor mark on my skills.

I feel the cross section works really well and enables me to show wildlife within the river as well as around it. My system for this project was mainly using the river as a timeline and using the articles so I could create an image with a visual narrative. I realise I could have done more with the data that I found, but due to a short amount of time and amateur  skills on photo shop I felt it would have been too much.

My inspiration for this finished piece was the ‘layers of life’ poster about the gulf of mexico done by the National Geographic. I wanted my piece to be correct to what information I had to hand, and I wanted to use my painting skills to create an attractive piece of work which also works as a positive poster thanking everyone involved in making the Taff the clean and healthy river it is today.

The skills I have learnt from this project are;

  • Getting used to the basics of photo shop for future projects
  • using data in a way that can be visualised in a unique way
  • also painting on a large scale is quite new for me and found that it was really enjoyable
  • Being able to use a painted image and enhance it slightly on photo shop to create a more graphic image

If I were to do this project again, I would try to create a digitalised version as a sort of piece which could be more available for organisations which would then allow my artwork to be seen and have availability on the web. I still hope to get in touch with walesonline to see if they would be interested in featuring this image as its local history and I feel not many citizens in Cardiff realise just how much has changed within the river to restore it back to its health.



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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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