Making a system for my project

For this piece of work we were asked to make a system within to show the data which had been collected in a visual way, my first thought was to take information from the article which included years and also facts about how much life can be found in the Taff now, and also what had changed in the last 30 years to make it the clean and healthy river that it is today.

Wales Online article #1

Wales Online article #2

Wales Online article #3

I thought about putting the information on labels and using string attaching each label to a specific part of the poster, however I feel this would not look professional enough and I think that once I have scanned the artwork into the computer I could use a programme to place text on the image so it looked more graphic and technical.


Here are the main chunks of information I will be using on my poster;

  1. 1789 – Cardiff became the largest coal exporting city in the world.
  2. 100 years ago – The decline of the Taff was recorded as early as 1833 with George Agar Hansard, a great angler who kept meticulous records of his catches, reported a reduction in fish taken as the river suffered impacts of the burgeoning iron & coal industries.
  3. The following 150 – The river was a dying and then dead black sewer. The Taff ran black with coal dust with 100,000 tonnes of colliery waste every year!
  4. 30 years on, the coal mines have closed and the environmental agencies have worked very hard to try to restore the river by cleaning and re-introducing wildlife.
  5. Even the elusive Otter has returned to the Taff, nine out of ten sites showed signs of Otters compared to only two out of ten in 1978.
  6. Salmon are spawning in the upper reaches of the Taff for the first time in over 200 years, the salmon population has risen from about 100 ten years ago to 500 today.
  7. The transformation in the past 3 decades has been incredible, it is now a beautifully clean river which holds a good population of brown trout, salmon, otters, sea trout and eels.

I feel  that this amount of information is enough to use on my poster, it gives specific time scales and shows how much the river has improved in a summery of important facts and data. Now, I need to figure out how I can show this data using visualisations on the computer.

I am going to take the data which shows percentages and numbers and translate them into visual imagery on Tuesday, when I go to scan my painting in.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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