Significant Information

For this new brief we have to develop an outcome using information we perceive to be significant and that has meaning to you, using the skills we have learnt over the past few weeks. I decided that I wanted to do something which kind of linked with my previous work, so I began to look at themes that correlate with nature that I thought were significant to me.


  • Global warming, comparing the rise of temperature with natural hazards to check for correlation
  • Local, studying the River Taff and seeing how healthy it is and what wildlife can be found on the Taff Trail
  • Endangered species, Polar bears formative poster showing how our modern lives are effecting great animals far away
  • Forestry / air pollution in Cardiff

I decided that using the River Taff as my theme would be good for my work as its been a subject of my last field project. After doing some initial research I found that the river Taff has been named as one of the top 10 list of most improved rivers in England and Wales from the Environment Agency.

With this information, I decided that making a poster about the rivers positive changes would be an uplifting visual system. In terms of data collecting I knew I needed to get data on:

  • The health of the river
  • The rivers history
  • any wildlife that lives there, how much has it improved by?

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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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