Data Collating

The first chunk of data I came across was a project which was trying to measure the trail as a green corridor for wildlife in the city, they attached motion sense cameras in 3 spots on the trail and recorded all the sighting the camera saw and all the different species using the trail as a green corridor. Below are the results.


The further down the project I went, I saw that they had recorded dates, times and moon phases. I thought that maybe I could do 3 illustrations of the Taff trail at night showing each poster with a different moon phase, full, crescent and gibbous.


But then I realised that the data didn’t have much meaning, therefore I decided that I would need to find something much more substantial. Then I came across this article from The Independent.


The article told me a brief history of the river Taff’s polluted past and how much work has been put in over the last 20-30 years to get it restored to it’s natural healthy state, bringing with it the return of an abundance of wildlife. Something scientists never thought would happen.

I then decided that I could do an illustrative poster using watercolours and pen and ink showing the river as a timeline going from its industrial past and flowing to the foreground showing a clean river bursting with wildlife. Then to scan the image in and add text to document the illustration.


This is my initial plan, showing the industrious past in the background and a thriving river in the foreground the river acting as a timeline or a time warp. With species in the foreground more detailed like the below image I did of a Salmon. (watercolour)


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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