Information Is Beautiful.


For my field project I am working in the graphics studio, our brief states that we need to collate any kind of data and transfer it onto a set of three posters showing the data in a visually effective way.

We started off with a simple exercise using data from the classroom and making a mock up kind of graph.


Using colours and categories we managed to make a simple visual graph of what peoples guilty pleasures were in the classroom.

In my group, I had an Erasmus student from Germany named Sarah and a graphics design student named Seb, we thought about what sort of data we wanted to collect and we had three ideas.

  • Global warming – finding data to show how pollution effects us
  • Tesco shopping – what does the average shopper buy
  • Everyday plastic use – how much plastic are we faced in everyday

We settled on my idea of global warming, we decided that we would stand on the bridge across from university and count how many cars, vans, planes and motorbikes we could see between the hours of 3 pm and 4 pm then we would choose 3 examples to show in poster format.

CARS – 2,374

We also had to take in to account the length of the stretch of road we were investigating, which came to 300 metres.

So with this new information we had to figure out how we could use it in some sort of visual graph, and decided we could try and calculate the amount of CO2 emissions being emitted every hour every 300 metres. We created a formula.

This gave us the amount of CO2 in kg per car, van and motorbikes which we could then create a visual diagram.




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