Geometry in Nature

I have been thinking about how I can incorporate nature into my subject work, then I realised many aspects of nature itself is symmetrical and geometrically designed.

I looked on Google images for some examples before I set out on my own accord to gather my own imagery :

Despite the wintery weather, I found some examples on my way to Cardiff Centre in Bute Park.

IMG_3223 (2)IMG_3227 (2)

As well as plants, many species of animals have elements of geometry in their appearances. My friend’s father has a professional fish tank full of beautiful species of fish and live coral, the fishes markings are vibrant and symmetrical and the coral within the fish tank also has beautiful qualities. Here are some images:

12483314_994016207326637_285211160_o (2)12489959_994015870660004_490691506_o (2)12482988_994015930659998_968023982_o (2)12511355_994015943993330_1992200097_o (2)12483081_994012853993639_315920960_o (2)12490004_994012873993637_282390903_o (2)12482997_994017040659887_147222633_o (2)12483292_994016763993248_940525755_o (2)12494088_994016747326583_17170434_o (2)


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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