Tuesday Field Project: Mono printing & letter pressing

I had a really successful day in the print studios, I was exploring the ways in which the rivers currents can be conveyed through mono print here are the prints I made:

IMG_2928 (2)
Green & purple ink showing the river & its bank. Using white spirit I was able to make the dotty effect at the top, i gives it a sort of mystical illusion.


IMG_2930 (2)
Blue ink with tissue paper, I like the mixed media in this one. The tissue acts as the bank of the river. The white smudgie effect in the river shows the currents of the river.


IMG_2929 (2)
A leaf found from the Taff Trail, the ripples from the tissue paper sort of mimics the ripples you would see from a rivers current. This tissue effect could be used in another print.


IMG_2932 (2).JPG
I like this one, but I think the etching wasn’t strong enough for the print overall. But I like the colours used.


I had never done letter pressing before, and I was quite surprised how easy it was and that you can get some really nice affects from it. We did an emboss and and ink press.

As a target for my next piece I would like to make a print with letterpress incorporated within, but I am going figure out what to what.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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