12/11 FIELD

Today we were shown how to do cyanotype print and how to make a small book.

I transferred two images I took of the river Taff on Tuesday onto acetate along with one piece of acetate which I  drew on using fine liners.Then I transferred them onto cartridge paper by coating it with a special liquid, then placing onto a machine which would expose it for 7.5 minutes. Below are acetates.

Photograph transferred as a negative onto acetate
Photograph transferred as a negative onto acetate
.I liked how the acetate had worked but i was concerned about how the whites and blacks were block colour and I was worried that the image might not transfer on properly. Below are the blueprints.

This one was slightly blobby and I realised I hadn’t coated the paper very evenly.. Although, I like the effect it gives the ripples in the river.
This one was more crisp, but again the white block is a bit too much.
I think this one is the best, you can see most of the rivers ripples and currents which was what I wanted to show mainly.
And this was the outcome of the acetate I drew on with fine liner.

Acetate with different sized fine liners.
I feel this is actually better than the photograph transfers as I could get more shapes and the lines are so crisp.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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