I have had a go at representing circles using optical illusions but this time with a more geometric approach. This is the first attempt at mathematical drawing so I consulted a few youtube tutorials so to learn.

This was drawn using a compass, ruler and a pencil. I thought it gave a spherical effect.
Using a sharpie and a fine liner, I made more circles from the centre outwards which gives it a beautiful design. This design is called ‘Geometric Eye’ on the you tube video.

Looking around me, the leaves are changing from greens to vibrant oranges and reds. I truly love what happens in Autumn so as a response to the above image, I decided to create the same design but with using the Autumn colour change as my theme.

For this I used crayons, I thought it was the safest option for now!
The finished design, i’m pleased with how the crayons have worked in giving it a more vibrant approach.

My next step will be to have a go at another spherical design using geometry because i’m really enjoying both the process and the outcome, which is weird because I hate maths!


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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