After consulting a friend about my new project she told me about a movement in art which could help me, Op Art. A style of visual art which uses optical illusions. Typically they give the viewer a distorted view of the work and it appears to be warped.


An English painter who is one of the foremost exponents of op art, her works relate greatly to geometric patterns and give an appearance of the colours moving. She is best knows for her black and white pieces. (below)

Cataract 3, Bridget Riley 1967 PVA on Canvas.               I liked this piece because of the movement. A very technically accurate optical illusion.
Movement in Squares, by Bridget Riley 1961                                    I like the sudden warp in this piece, it has a great effect on the thinner squares even distorted colour

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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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