I went to Venice to see the Biennial with university and found an exhibition showing an Italian artist named DOMENICO BOSCIA. I chose to use of of his sculpture ceramic tiles for the brief because it was something I had never really seen before, the illustrations on the tile were narrative and beautifully formed. I thought I could do a lot of work in response to the lines, shapes, patterns and markings.

What attracted me personally to Domenico’s works of ceramics were the carefully thought colours and tribal shapes, it reminded me of Picasso’s portraits and Kandinsky’s abstract paintings. I found his sculptures spiritual and had included some of the earth’s elements  in the illustrations, a sunrise and a bright moon. Along with calm coloured back grounds and glossy finishes, below is the ceramic tile I have decided to use for my brief.

‘After dark a night of full moon’ by Domenico Boscia 40 x 40 cm ceramic tile
a look at the sunset
A look at the sunset – Lava stone ceramicized 50 x 70 cm                                                                                         I found out that lava stone was volcanic rock, I love the idea of using the Earth’s natural resources within an art piece I feel it gives the art piece a bigger meaning
Frame with a profile at sunset – Domenico Boscia Lava stone ceramicized 40 x 40 cm

my main target for the next few weeks starting this project is to try and get myself out of my comfort zone. By using methods in art that I haven’t used  before it will help me to broaden my knowledge in mediums and create lots of different material pieces.

After the tutorial activity on Tuesday, we were asked to make a response to our chosen artwork in four different ways. I have made a plan to use different mediums to experiment in ways I haven’t done before, I aim to use fabric, oil paints, acrylic and other mediums to create a mixed media style to start with. Until I find what works best for this new project, I want to carry on Domenico’s use of symbolism as symbolism is important to me within my personal body of work.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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