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In the start of my subject project, outside and inside, I had a few issues about deciding what I wanted it to be about. Firstly I started looking at outside and inside concept within society. I had already some background information on the Hindu religion, they have a caste system where some people are of a higher rank than others in society. I focussed on the ‘untouchables’ the lowest caste of the Hindu religion degraded from society it interested me because they were on the outside, I thought that it is awful that some people of a different caste couldn’t go through certain areas and couldn’t communicate with Hindu’s from a higher caste, I wanted to capture the sadness and the hurt some of these people had to endure. I looked at miniature painting and tried recreating the same sort of ideas such as patterns, figures and stories. But, I had encountered a few issues because I couldn’t get enough pictures and groundwork to make a substantial amount of work, I had no experience or first-hand information about the religion and therefore looked at something a bit closer to home and more accessible.

I then decided to change my idea to symbolism, I looked into folk art and aspects of British old stories to try and get more out of it. In the link below I have included a blog post, where I talk about my progression from the Hindu idea to this one.

I looked at quite commercial artist’s such as Valeriane Leblond, Dawn Macocia and looked at art books like the one I have called ‘Faeries’ which is an illustrative book full of fantasy drawings and beautiful creatures created by the artists involved. As a child, one of my favourite books.

For me, I really enjoy creating work using nature and magic as subject matters for art I had produced a few pieces from looking at their work but still felt it was too weak for me to work off, all this trial and error had lead me to be quite behind so I decided to take a few photographs of my surrounding area and find some ways to link this with folk lore. Using the environment around me helped greatly, and whilst I was home for Christmas I went on dark wintery walks with my camera and decided that the images I had collated would give me the right ground work to make a final piece.

I decided that I wanted to look at window sills as they hold a very inside outside approach, and I felt the images I had captured using my Nikon coopix camera didn’t just show the window, but also the difference between the outside and the inside, the warm glow of life coming from inside and the cold dark shabby outside of the window pane full of cracks and rotten wood.

I began looking at artists such as Edward Hopper, George Tooker and Henry Rousseau to find ways of painting this window sill to highlight the contrast of light and dark. To get the whole outside inside appearance of it, this turned out to be a lot better and the whole trial and error process I had been working through the last few weeks and trying out ideas had actually helped me to achieve a good painting.

I feel that the first final piece I made for the subject assignment was a bit crazy for a number of reasons, starting a new course was strange and looking back I think I was quite thrown at the start of the course and maybe this had an impact of the quality of my work. I also underestimated the power of using photography at the start of the project as I enjoy using photography I tend to get good shots which is great ground work to start on.

All this has been a result of a huge array of different ideas, and I feel that it has been a successful piece because the window represents outside inside. The link below shows my final piece, and explains how I made it and what references were connected to it.

The second piece I created for subject is a newer piece that I had made and produced throughout second and third term, I was going to use photography as my second piece but felt that I had enough time and a new idea which I think would be better and more effective. From the window sill piece I started looking at insects and creatures that live in cracks of windows and I came across moths, similar to the butterfly but not necessarily as pretty and are attracted to the light. I felt this was a good idea to start on, so I looked into moths and how I can portray them in a different way.

The link below shows my progression onto looking at moths on my blog. Over the Easter holidays I recreated slightly larger than life moths and coloured them with watercolour, finally individually cutting them out using a scalpel. As a finishing tough I had decided to decorate them with glitter to get that sparkly dust that sometimes brushes onto your fingers when you accidentally touch a moths wing.

I felt that using moths as a second piece idea for this subject assignment has been good because as a nature lover I have been able to explore a new area of nature I have never done before, I feel that my work into insects isn’t over and I am keen to revisit this again, as the close up of moth wings I found online were truly beautiful and full of crazy line patterns and definitely something I want to carry on again in the future.

My last step with my subject assignment was thinking about how to incorporate the moths into my work, I first asked James whether to put them onto my first painting but he told me it was best to leave the painting as it was and incorporate them into a new piece. So, I started thinking about how to make them into a piece and went through a number of ideas such as hanging them off a frame over the top of a back ground, using them onto an actual window as a sort of mini installation piece, or just sticking them onto a new painting.

Thinking about making a new painting, I thought looked at some really close up moth wings on google images, (if I had time I would have tried to get some of my own images). I found some really interesting images which had a lot of colour, pattern and lines involved and I thought they would make a really nice semi abstract piece. I thought about how beautiful and intricate the moth wings were from when I was drawing them before, so I decided to get a long rectangular canvas and start drawing out all the lines involved in the wings and arranged the moths, once I was happy I started painting. Below are the two final post about my subject assignment paintings, and the progression I went through whilst creating my painting.

Tuesday afternoon group sessions I completed

  • David Hockney with James
  • Wood cutting with Susan
  • Photography with Chris

Tech dem sessions I attended

  • Intro to acrylic paint with Alan
  • using a film camera and developing film using dark room with Mal

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