Summary of Field

At the start of the term the Tuesday afternoon group project, Photo City with Chris Short, helped me to use a lot of photography within the city which gave me some really useful ground work to start on with the City brief. Especially seeing as I hadn’t really used photography before, he showed us how to use a film camera and a dark room to make our own photograph prints which I included in the presentation of the photo city project. I started looking at run down areas in Cardiff and noticed that these areas held a lot of nature which really surprised me, it wasn’t fields and trees but tiny little weeds growing in the cracks of buildings as if nature was taking back the old derelict buildings and growing despite of their being a significant lack of nutrition. This really intrigued me so I began taking lots of photographs of these little plants, below are two posts full of photographs that I took in Cardiff showing these plants. My main references throughout the photography project were Jurgen Nefzger, a German photographer who used old derelict areas as key points of his photography. And also, Nigel Henderson who took photographs of the city but had a focus point of decay in a few of his images which linked to what I was planning on doing.

I also decided to incorporate this into my own research for the city brief. After a week or so I had collated a load of photographs and once we had a tutorial session we were ready to start the collaborative work within fine art, I was in a group with Vanessa Wilgeroth and Rachel Smyth as we were all looking at nature so it seemed appropriate. We made three A3 boards and we each chose a photograph we had taken to start drawing up and painting our photograph onto the board, I looked at artists like Georgia O’Keefe Kurt Schwitters and Max Ernst because I wanted to make a textured piece and a brightly coloured one. After we had done the first layer we swapped boards and photos and added to each other’s, it worked really well and we ended up creating three boards which were full of mixed media and all showed nature. I really enjoyed doing the collaborative work within the Fine Art group, as I think we all put a lot of effort in and ended up creating three strong pieces and we got praised for our work from other class tutors and students. Below is the blog post I made about the final piece.

Once that project had been completed, we were taken to do sessions every Monday and Tuesday with other students throughout the art school, I struggled slightly with this concept because I get nervous and suffer slightly from anxiety so the thought of being thrown into a new group with random students and having to show my work to them scared me, and possibly gave me a bit of a negative approach. But after a few hours I got to know my group and we discussed what we could do for the multi-disciplinary group work.

As the sessions progressed only me and Gwil (the graphic designer student) turned in and made a substantial amount of work to hand in for field. We had decided to make an animation showing our idea and all its features, as a fine artist I decided to create some paintings which could be used within the animation especially seeing as I didn’t know the first thing about making animations and Gwil had decided to make it at home, leaving me to find something to do on my own. Gwil and I managed to create the work on our own, using face book chat to share ideas and show each other the work we had made. I was annoyed slightly with the field project because of the lack of attendance the other students had made, I didn’t enjoy nagging them on face book to come in and to be honest I thought the tutors would have spoken to them after I had complained about them not coming in but didn’t, they just told me to carry on making my own work.

For my own paintings I looked at Pierre Auguste Renoir umbrella’s and decided to create a painting showing an umbrella and showing the movement and the form of the umbrella, here is a post about the different forms an umbrella can be displayed in, I decided to do a canvas painting as well as prep work because I felt I wouldn’t have enough work for field, also Ray and Paul had told me that because none of my group were making effort I should just do my own work and then have a word with my group.

I also made an A3 watercolour piece showing the Cardiff City skyline which I thought looked good, I had used bright colours because of it being an animation I wanted it to be attractive. Gwil incorporated my work into the animation which was great, and in the end we had made a good animation. I’m going to include the final piece post because it has the animation in it, and as you can see my painting was included in the background. I didn’t really enjoy the last few weeks of the field project as I felt the work I had done to start off with was much stronger than the final piece I ended up with.

I found that at the start of the field module, I was able to make a lot of work and I really enjoyed doing research and making artwork about the city. I really enjoyed doing work about the city, I was just a bit annoyed with the how the multi-disciplinary group turned out for me.

This project has shown me some new skills:

  • learning to make an artwork with others
  • learning how to use and develop a film camera
  • being able to ask peers for advise and helping to get everyone’s idea’s into the project

If I were to do this project again, I would definitely make sure to get my group a bit more motivated to do the work. I also would try to create something that I have the skills to because I haven’t been able to put as much into the animation as I would have liked to.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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