Painting update

Over the last two weeks I have been making a new piece to go into my subject assignment, I have created a semi-abstract acrylic painting on canvas with a finish of glitter. I love the colours in this piece and I think the gold especially brings it out, the added glitter is just to give the real effect of the ‘dust’ on a moth’s wing, this dust found on moths wings is actually tiny scales that serve multiple functions for the moth. I think this painting relates to the Outside, Inside brief because when I was looking at windows in the first painting, I made a connection between windows (sources of light) and moths/insects. I thought about how moths and some insects spend time on either side of the window (especially in older houses).

I feel that a lot of people aren’t keen on moths, bugs or insects and would prefer to chuck these creepy crawlies outside. But after researching about moths and looking at close ups of their wings I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were and decided to create a painting trying to give the moths wing a sense of beauty and not horror!


having almost finished this painting, I feel happy about its outcome. I was worried that adding glitter to it would ruin in or be too much, but using small amounts of very fine glitter I was able to create the look I was after, I had a few issues with the actual painting of the wing as the intricate pattern and lines were difficult to portray them without being a bit messy! Having said that I’m happy with the colouring, browns are enhanced by the gold, and the contrast is good between the dark brown and white. I have a worry on the white parts being too bare? who knows


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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