My representations of moth wings

I have done a few quick examples in watercolour, these are representations of moth wings. I have done them in water colour as I feel sometimes water colour can make them appear more vibrant and soft. I want to get a delicate feel from them like you would a normal moth so I decided water colour was best.

When I do my main piece for hand in I might possible do mixed media as it will be on a much larger scale and more detailed.

I have also started to draw and paint up my canvas for my final piece. I chose to create my own moth wing from researching others online, i have included 3 images the first where i had drawn up the canvas and placed my moths on just to see how it would look. I was happy with the concept so i decided to start painting, I thought about what colours to use within the painting and i thought about using vibrant colours like purples and blues but i then thought about using oranges browns and golds. To enhance the shimmery effect of the moth wings.

IMG_0867[1]                         IMG_0879[1]


So far, I have painted on the first layer. I am pleased with the movement of the painting and feel like the colours I had chosen were right, I am slightly anxious about when i put the individual moths on because the painting is quite dark and I don’t want to ruin either aspects of the painting. But I plan on finishing it regardless and trying it anyway


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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