Moth Wings – Patterns

In addition to my window sill painting, I have been researching the crawlies that live in the cracks of window sills from this i found moths, spiders, bugs and insects to make a second art piece for subject.moth 3moth 1

Moths fascinated me, as I was looking through the different designs and intricate patterns I thought about how I could incorporate this into an artwork and including my smaller water coloured moths. I looked on the internet for an image of a close up moth wings and here are a few examples of what I found.

moth 2moth 4

I really like the line and pattern involved in the moths wing, and it like how you have to go really up close to see the true beauty of it. I am thinking of painting one of these examples onto a board, using glitter, acrylic and maybe charcoal to try and capture the light and dark. With only a couple of weeks to go till hand in making this will be a slight risk but im positive it will turn out nice and it will add something extra to my subject work which i think needs an extra few pieces to go for hand in.

DAMIEN HIRST – Butterfly

I was inspired to look at moths and similar insects partly because of Damien Hirst’s recent butterfly exhibition, where he had filled a room with butterflies, fruit and plants so people could be in with them which i thought was soething quite beautiful, he had also created a mosaic type piece made up from recreations of butterfly wings.

damien 2damien 3

I like the idea of using butterflies in work, but I chose moths because I feel it relates to the concept of windows as moths are attracted to light and you often find them fluttering around light bulbs and the light of the window. I also like using the idea of the patterning in the design of the moth wing, I might use this as a background for my miniature moths to put over the top of it.


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