Moths – Subject Assignment

I decided it was time for me to think about my second piece for the subject assignment, so over the Easter break I decided to look closely at moths and try to incorporate some into my watercolours of dingy window sill corners and portray the moths with a more fantasy approach incorporating crazy colours and glitter. I thought about a number of different ways to do it and thought watercolour would be most affective with a line pen to do finishing touches.

After researching moths and looking at their intricate markings and sometimes sparkling wings I decided to do some small representations of moths using watercolour and fine glitter.

Here is what I was able to achieve:

Individually Cut moths, coloured with watercolour and glitter made by myself
Individually Cut moths, coloured with watercolour and glitter made by myself

I am happy with the delicacy which i have somehow managed to portray within the markings, even on the smaller ones! As I am normally quite a messy worker and sometimes set the bar to high, I was quite happily surprised with the outcomes of them.The colours used were mostly true to what the moths were, and i was surprised to see so many vibrantly coloured moths exist! I also think using the fine glitter has given them a great effect and when the sunlight reflects of them they really do sparkle, which gives them a great element of fantasy.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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