Video from Field Project

This blog post is showing the animation made by the graphics design student, which was the main outcome from our multi disciplinary group. The animation shows an advert about the umbrella concept we had designed, we tried to include as much relevant information about the umbrella. Whilst the animation was coming together, me and the other student talked over face book and discussed things like background music, what written info to include and what visuals should be involved.

I like the video because I think the skills that were used in the graphics were really good, but I was slightly disappointed that I couldn’t help much with the animation. The student did the video at his home therefore I couldn’t help as much as I could have done. However, my painting of the Cardiff city skyline was included and i also helped him choose the music and gave him some advice on the face book chat we had created.

I think the animation could have been better if all of the group bothered to turn up, but I am really pleased with what the Graphics student managed to create, I’m also happy with my paintings which were included into the background as the scenery and I’m pleased that my contribution was effective.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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