Reflection on Multidisciplinary groups

From the first week I was excited to see how our idea would turn out, we came up with something that came from the product designers idea which was about using rain as an energy source. We were working on this concept and came up with an umbrella which would create a personal energy source to make a hand warmer on the handle and lights which would help the user see in the dark.

Although we had a strong idea, I felt let down by half of my group for not turning up. So, i had to make the choice to do my own work for this project. I felt that because we hadn’t gotten very far with our umbrella idea it was only me and another student who went in for most of the meetings and sometimes i was on my own. Because of this, i had some negative views on the whole project, this has led to the outcome being an animation created by the graphic designer and i had made two paintings to be used within the animation.

I felt that I would have worked better if I wasn’t in a group, I am not a strong group leader and felt I wasn’t taken very seriously which made it difficult for me to try and persuade the rest of the group to come in.

Although I do have some negative thoughts on the collaborative work, the animation & paintings are good and i feel that if more of the group were more involved we could have created something a bit more interesting.

Below is the set up so far, as I was the only student that came in on the time that we had all agreed I was only able to put both my paintings up.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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