For our project we had decided to create an animation about an umbrella which can generate its own energy from the impact of rain, I like the idea but was finding it very difficult to add my own work to the idea as it was more of a product design concept. Gwil found a special plastic material called Polyvinylidene Diflouride (PVDF) which can be used to generate energy from the impact that rain drops make as they hit the material, which gave our concept a chance to become something real.

However, the animation was something we could all add to in some way, but as Gwil was taking it home to do it on his laptop I had no choice but to make my own work and help him when I could over face book or in university.

As some students from my multi disciplinary group weren’t turning up to university to make a collaborative work together, I spoke to the tutors about what I could do. They told me to just do my own work and focus on what I can put forward at the end of term. So, I began to explore ideas about the city by looking at paintings and imagery from famous city scenes. I looked at paintings, such as Lowry’s rainy Manchester, the commercialised Jack Vetriano paintings and Edward Hoppers city scenes.

The first two paintings were explorations of umbrella forms, I painted from my umbrella from home and decided to paint up a watery canvas of an umbrella (3rd image) to add more to the animation on my behalf as it was hard for me to add to the animation.

prep work for Wonderumbrella
Prep work for Wonderumbrella

From these images I then began to create a canvas using watery acrylics to make this image:

Wonderumbrella Acrylic on Canvas

I think my umbrella represents some of the umbrellas from paintings about the city, using watered down acrylic i was able to create a watery effect. I also think my umbrella is a similar approach to renoir’s umbrella (a past reference).


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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