Multi-Disciplinary Groups

Everyone Monday & Tuesday we have sessions with groups which are made up of students from all over the art school, in my group we have a graphic designer, a ceramicist, a product designer & myself, a fine art student.

So far, after a lot of planning and discussing we have decided to make an animation which shows film footage and fancy animation techniques.

So far the plan we have decided to go with is to create an advert about a new product, an umbrella which generates its own electricity using a material called MPVD which uses the impact of rain to create a personal amount of electricity to turn the umbrella into a modern object where the handle has a self heating mechanism.

Another aspect of the umbrella we have decided to create some sort of personal torch to help with night time walking! This umbrella has a lot of potential, and if we were to make the actual product it could work!

At the moment, I’m finding it quite difficult to find fine art references which could help with this project but i do have a couple which could work.

Oliver Postgate was an English animator, puppeteer and writer. He was the creator and writer of some of Britain’s most popular children’s television programmes. Including Bagpuss , The Clangers & Noggin the Nog.

Peter Firmin Oliver Postgate the Clangers nog

Charlie Brooker recently did a tribute type tv show , I’ve watched it on you tube and learnt some things about Oliver Postgate’s life and the programmes he made for children. I think they were lovely stories and the puppets and characters always had friendly faces.

Oliver Postgate had the most adorably calm voice which entranced the children, a key part of his TV shows for kids.



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