Our Final Piece

On Monday the 23rd of February we had our work finished and on show to our second term project, here’s an image of how we had presented in on the wall:

We presented them like this because we liked the contrast between the two landscape paintings and the portrait painting, we included items from the city, such as an aluminium can and moss we had collected when we went off to do our photographs independently. This was a collaborative work by three of us and the result here is that the three pieces of work look like a  sequence – as if done by one artist. Like they relate to each other, which is why we did well in the tutor group assessment.

Fine art collaborative work (final piece)

The  photograph above was taken on my phone so the quality isn’t very good, but it shows our three A3 pieces all lined up with the photographs we had worked from hanging down with string, we decided to include the photographs in the artwork as we all thought that it would bring it all together and seeing as photography was what we started on it seemed necessary to include them. I am really pleased with the outcome and i think all 3 of us worked really well together to create mixed media paintings with texture and colour. I think if we were to do it again we would dedicate more time to creating the pieces and personally i think i would have chosen a better photo to work from initially. My photograph was good but it was difficult to get the painting to look like it, which is why i decided to give a more abstract approach to it.

My board for the collaborative final piece

This was my board with my photograph I worked from, I think the moss gave it a really good effect and texture. The bright yellow pastels really bring out the colour too. If i were to do it again I would definitely dedicate a lot more time to it and maybe choose a photograph which related a little bit more to the city. I am glad the collaboration worked well within my group, as i was a bit anxious to hand over my painting and allow another student to add to it. I think its been a good learning curve for me, and has helped me to engage more with other students and help each other with our individual works.

Overall, I am pleased with the pieces we had made together – i thought the fine art collaboration work was really fun and would definitely do it again. We were given good feedback from our tutor and other students within the fine art group, which made me feel pleased and happy that we had managed to make what we had planned to in such little time.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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