Group Tutorial

Following my ideas and photographs of the window sill I began to create a painting , and also had a group tutorial with a few other students and tutor James , we discussed my work and I was given a few artists to look at.



Above is my painting, I’ve used acrylic and charcoal. I like the high contrast in my painting it gives it a sinister look but it still needs work added. The artists I was given are-
Edward hopper is one of my favourite artists, I love the contrast and the difference between the outside and the inside in the painting below.

Edward Hopper – Nighthawks
Edward Hopper – Night Windows

I also looked at George tooker, artist who creates disturbing paintings of inside and outside , I like his crazy scary faces and his smooth tones in his paintings, below is some of his work.

government bureau
Government Bureau – George Tooker
dreamers rise
Dreamers Rise – George Tooker

Finally I’ve been looking at Henri Rousseau, his jungle scenes are dark and naive like, his paintins strive in colour and imagination. I love the smiles the monkeys have on their faces and the leafage included around the painting with dark and light tones almost cartoon like.

Henri Rousseau – Two Monkeys in the Jungle
Henri Rousseau – Fight Between a Tiger and a Buffalo

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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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