Dawn Maciocia – Artist Research

With my theme being British folk art i have come accross a lot of artists using mixed media and new styles of lovely naive styled paintings, although i am finding it tricky to do naive style paintings without making them look like a young child has done them, haha.. So I have decided to look at elements of my artist research which i could take and incorporate into my work and any test pieces. So i’m gonna go through a couple of artists and show what i’ve done in relation to their work.

  1. Dawn Maciocia: Scottish collage artist based in Fife, using torn paper, inked paper and various paints she creates these magnificently textured and unusual paintings, i am particularly interested in her animal collection (shown below)dawn1Dawn Macocia – Hop To It dawn2Dawn Macocia – Fox Trot

images: http://www.dawnmaciocia.com/

I love how Dawn has made the collage look real, as the use of collage can sometimes look messy but she’s really thought about the colours and how the paper would react to the painting itself below I have done a hedgehog with her technique of collage into it, I have tried to use it so the green around it looks messy like. I would like to maybe rework this image into a larger scale so I can use the paper more accurately (because its only about A5

IMG_7996[1] I have made this image using torn up magazines and ink marbled paper to get the vibrant colours and textures. I’ve also use acrylic to make the hedgehog seem real against the torn paper.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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