Tuesday Afternoon Sessions

We have now started new projects for our Tuesday afternoon groups, I chose to do Location Relief Print/ Woodcut.

Here is the work we were shown at the start from the artist who came in :

IMG_7888[1] IMG_7890[1] IMG_7887[1]

Over the next four weeks we will develop a series of works using the medium of relief printing & woodcuts, including drawing, cutting of the wood block and using a range of different woodcut tools. In today’s session the class were sat in a line and we were asked to draw what we could see straight in front of us – and it had to connect to either persons beside us… We were facing a woodland area full of trees and bushes. once we had drawn it up, we inked over the parts of the image we wanted to keep – the rest was to be cut away to make the wood cut print.

So far in today’s session i managed to cut away a bit of mine but it still needs a few extra hours to get it complete – next Tuesday we will be printing our blocks side by side to the persons next to us to create a long line print.

Here’s what I had done so far:

Mine and Vickie’s next to eachother – to show how they connect.


mine once i had finished the session:



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