Tuesday afternoons: David Hockney

Today we looked at frottage, a method of creative production developed by Max Ernst. Similar to brass rubbing a person takes chalk, soft pastel or any other art material and rubs over a textured surface onto paper. The patterns are cut out and used to make strange images using the patterns they had made. Or left as display of crazy patterns.

It was developed by Ernst in 1925. Ernst was inspired by an ancient wooden floor where the grain of the planks had been accentuated by many years of scrubbing. The patterns of the graining suggested strange images to him. He captured these by laying sheets of paper on the floor and then rubbing over them with a soft pencil.

Here are some examples of Ernst’s artwork:

palermo-max-ernst picture151354210167293

We were asked to explore the university campus and find textured surfaces and create our own strange images, here was my go:

photo 1


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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