Study Skills – REFLECTION AND EVALUATION with Ashley Morgan

Yesterday, i attended the study skills lesson and we were taught about ‘philosophy’ – why we need to know this.

You need to understand the difference between these concepts to be able to undertake them meaningfully and effectively.

On this blog, I was told to record my personal strengths and weaknesses through academic writing, which occurs as you undertake a task and afterwards. by looking back at what you’ve done, so, what went well and what didn’t go so well.

  • Academic strengths & weaknesses
  • Reading, writing and analysis

I realised that my academic weaknesses are that i am unable to write as well as i think. For example, when writing a big chunk of text I know exactly what I want to write but not always does it come out right on paper. So, a way of helping me to improve this could be reading academic books and more books in general, using the voice memos on my phone so to speak out loud what I want to say and the writing the text after I have heard.

Ashley Morgan pointed out also that we could go into the on-line library portal and use the links which tell you how to break down a text into manageable chunks.

Also, she asked us to note down our academic fears, one fear that i have carried with me throughout my education is being unable to present or to speak in front of any group of people. I have often suffered from panic attacks throughout my education because of this. It is definitely something I want to get over, and to sort out! – Any tips?!


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