Personal Tutorial Sessions

Making figurative paintings based on the caste system in some middle Eastern countries. This has led to small scale portraits of people from different levels of society.

Indian Miniature Painting

From discussing my project with my tutor, I have been looking into Indian miniature paintings which are intricate traditional Indian artworks from the Muhgal empire. I find myself already searching through these paintings and finding a  lot of similarities within my own work, the bold vibrant Indian colours and how the paintings seem too be flat when you look at them. Also, pattern. I have always enjoyed creating patterns as I find repetition very effective and the patterns of India being very beautiful and intricate.

Mica is a reflective surface which miniature paintings were also painted onto, Hindu gods and goddesses being painted on the materiel often with the viewers face reflecting on the Mica which could make you feel a part of the image. I think this is an effective element of painting on Mica, and could be something I consider in my own work. Probably using the same sort of outcome using acetate.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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